Jacomcu: Japanese American Community Credit Union


Service is what we are about. JACOM Credit Union offers all the products you expect from a financial institution. However, as a not-for-profit organization owned by our members earnings are returned to you in the form of higher dividends, lower loan rates, and no or low fee products and services. Also unlike many of the profit-driven financial institutions who have reduced standards of service to control their operating costs, your Credit Union continues to offer a high standard of professional, personalized service.

The benefits of being a member go far beyond just obtaining a loan or having a savings account. Take full advantage of your JACom Credit Union membership by utilizing as many products and services we have to offer. Here is a list of our services available to members only.


     Share (savings)
     Share Draft (checking)
     Share Certificates (CDs)
     IRA Certificates


     New Auto
     Used Auto
     Lease Buy-Back
     Overdraft Protection
     VISA Credit Card


     AD&D Insurance
     ARS (Audio Response System)
     ATM Cards
     Bilingual (English/Japanese) Staff
     Cashier's Checks
     Credit Life & Disability Insurance
     Cuna Mutual (insurance, investments, & more)
     Direct Deposit and Transfers
     Kaeru Network
     Harland Clarke check printers
     Money Orders
     Wire Transfers (Domestic & International)
     VISA Debit Card
     American Express Gift Cards
     American Express Travelers Cheque & Cheques for two