Jacomcu: Japanese American Community Credit Union


April 2001 – Jerome Matsuoka starts working at the CU.

April 23, 2001 -- The CUs celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Assets reach 54 million and membership is over 8800. 25 members who had opened their accounts back in 1951 continue to be steadfast loyal members.

May 20, 2001 – A 50th Anniversary Luncheon is held at Quiet Cannon Restaurant. Over 220 members attended the celebration.

May 2001 – Shizuko Ito starts working at the CU.

June 2001 – The CU changes its name to JACom Credit Union. JACom is an acronym for Japanese American Community. The name was chosen to more accurately represent our ever growing field of membership.

July 2001 – The CU gets a website. www.jacomcu.org

August 2001 – Members can now check their “Ri” Visa credit card information on-line at www.ezcardinfo.com

November 2001 – Taeko Tajima starts working at the CU.

November 2001 – Harbor Japanese Credit Union merges with JACom CU. Until the computer systems can be integrated the Harbor JCU accounts continue to be serviced separately.

December 2001 – Christyne Yan starts working at the CU.

December 2001 – ATMs go on-line allowing members to see real-time balances at the ATM.

April 2002 – Torrance branch opens at 2355 Crenshaw Blvd, Ste 146, Torrance, CA 90501.

May 2002 – The Harbor JCU/JACom CU merger is complete. The former Harbor Japanese Credit Union office at 1766 Seabright Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813 becomes our Long Beach branch. Members can now transact their CU business at all three locations.

May 2002 – Citicorp discontinues its travelers check program. The CU begins offering American Express Travelers Cheques and Cheques for Two.

July 2002 – Linda Yoshida starts working at the CU.

October 2002 – Deanne Aliaga starts working at the CU.

February 2003 – Cashier’s checks become available.

June 2003 – Picture ID cards are introduced along with the Kaeru Network – a program in which members receive special discounts at select establishments by showing their JACom CU ID cards.

September 2004 – The “Okane” Visa debit card becomes available.

March 2005 – The Education Resource Center powered by College PayWay becomes accessible via our website at www.jacomcu.org. The resource center provides SAT diagnostic testing, searching for scholarships, and more.


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